Customs Clearance in Oman

Customs Clearance(Sea/Air/Freight)

Expert team guidance, for hassle free customs clearance, in Oman

Angel Trading and Shipping LLC, offer customs clearance and shipping services in Oman and to other countries. We help our clients, in transshipment of heavy equipment’s, construction projects and any cargo types. The shipments are transported across the continents, through freight forwarding procedure, using sea/air/road carriers.

We offer customs clearance services in Oman, for the road, air and sea cargo. We have an expert team, in guiding clients, for smooth customs clearance. Our legal expert team assists our clients, from the point of cargo origin to the destination in order to avoid delay-in-transit (DIT).

Our customs service’s includes:

  • Customs clearance, for road/air/sea cargo.
  • Swift processing, of internal transfer documents.
  • Issue of local passes, for the inland transportation.
  • Facilitates, issue of gate passes, for incoming cargo.
  • Issue of relevant cargo documents, for the customs clearance.

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Our privileged customs service’s includes:

  • A 24/7 service, led by an expert team.
  • User-friendly, shipment tracking solutions.
  • Efficient monitoring and swift cargo clearance.
  • Offering customized solutions, for shipping and clearances.
  • Organized team of experts providing import/export advises.
  • Vast experience in providing, safe, reliable and satisfactory shipping services.

Transfer document requirements, for the import/export of personal/commercial cargo:

  • Cargo landing bill.
  • Cargo origin certificate.
  • Cargo authorization letter.
  • Cargo packing statements.
  • Commercial cargo invoices.
  • Health certificate, for food cargo
  • Permits and approvals, for the import and export, as per global standards.
  • Customs and tax authority registration documents, for the export and import of commercial cargo.

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Angel Trading and Shipping LLC, offers world-class shipping services, with utmost precision. Our legal experts team, has an in-depth knowledge, on global and Oman shipping laws.

Customized solutions for cargo transfer, have helped our clients, in reducing their lead-time and optimizing cash-flow. Our team provides our clients, with cost-effective shipping solutions. To raise the level our credibility, we have implemented, user-friendly cargo tracking solutions, for our clients.  The team of experts is capable in handling, the transfer documents and customs clearance, for shipping.

We are a dedicated and adaptable team in this sector. We as a team, cruised to the formidable position, only through, extensive knowledge acquisition and implementation of innovative policies. We offer, satisfactory customs clearance solutions, for our clients, as per their needs. We aim to strive further, by building, an efficient client relationship, through cost effective and satisfactory services.

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